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  • What Else
    I don’t know what else can a specie(s) would expect from a planet. Was that really this bad for you to keep it all a bit respectfully and intact before losing it forever just to leave ‘your’ value to your heir? What was not enough for you the ‘kingS’……of the earth; besides a limited time given, just like anything else with an improving but lately messing describebility talent with many functions came along with that into your sphere covered with bones?
  • Crazy Bullshit
    …is here. I was described as an expressionist by the art teacher. Just like the blood type ‘0’: useful for everyone, and only could be useful if you only could find itself while being useful to others. Some would use that, like many does on instagram. Me? I tried, no use. That part of me got quite tired because I’m also provided another one that’d would fire another bullet for the self-destruction by a very lovely friend of mine, a shrink: “You have ‘ADHD’.”Oh thank you very much. Is there more? Of course there ‘are’. I never liked descriptions other […]